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The first Main menu bar

We move to top page of category. When we come back to top page of Hiroshima disaster prevention Web, we click "top page" This site is comprised of the following categories.

1. News, refuge information
Page that provides disaster information of the prefecture that Hiroshima collects

2. Disaster prevention weather information
Page that provides weather related information

3. Observation information
Page that provides observation information such as Rainfall, water level

4. Earthquake, tsunami
Page that provides information about earthquake, tsunami

5. Traffic, lifeline
Page that provides information of road, traffic, lifeline engine of the prefecture

6. In case anything happens
Page that provides enlightenment contents such as knowledge that we prepare for disaster or past disaster

The second Link button to page concerned
  It is collection of link buttons to page concerned. We can easily move to associated website.

The third Urgent news
  We offer information having high emergency including weather warning and disaster information. We offer the latest urgent news as playing letter.

The fourth Notice
  We display news and weather warning from Hiroshima, disaster information. Particularly, about information having high emergency, we post on urgent news.

The fifth Weather warning, Advisory
  We offer Landslide warning, warning in Hiroshima, information of the official announcement situation of Advisory.

The sixth Traffic, road regulation, lifeline information
  It is link to main road traffic, lifeline organization giving information at the time of disaster.

The seventh Footer
  It is link to page about constitution, disclaimers of this site.

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