Privacy Policy


Hiroshima promises to respect privacy of all of you using homepage. All of you can look at homepage without disclosing name or address of oneself, personal information such as e-mail address.
 On homepage, we collect information such as Internet domain name, IP address, reading page automatically, but personal information may not be included in these. In addition, we may use for analyzing these statistical tendencies whether gleanings are high in availability of which page automatically.
 "Opinion when have provide personal information from all of you in request offer" or "public comment offer", exhibit the beforehand purpose, and limit within the purpose, and use. In addition, we manage personal information that had you provide appropriately and serve not to make any leak, loss.
 Personal information that heard from all of you does not disclose to third party except the following case.
 ・When there is agreement of person who told.
 ・When disclosure of personal information is demanded by legal orders.
 ・When if what we reply is appropriate, contents such as questions that we had are judged by affiliate.

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