About the use of information

About the use of information
You reprint information (image or text) in homepage in this service and distribute, and please refer to publication, broadcast, the second use to presentation, hard disk in server to Hiroshima Crisis-Management Department Crisis-Management Division (kikikanri@pref.hiroshima.lg.jp) beforehand when you perform processing to electromagnetic mediums such as redistribution after having saved.
 As I may decline the use in property of service to provide the latest information, please understand beforehand.
 In addition, please understand in the second one which you cannot use of the following information that Hiroshima catches offer beforehand.

● Weather information (Meteorological Agency and Local Meteorological Observatory, association of weather in Japan)
● Earthquake, tsunami information (Meteorological Agency offer)

About link to our homepage
Link to our homepage is free. But, in operation of homepage, we may change constitution of site without prior notice. Link recommends that it is linked to open in the other page to top page of our site.

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