In case of emergency

Everyday mental attitude

We recommend doing following activities habitually to prevent disaster. And we explain the use of "Disaster message dial 171", meteorological and observaion information of this site.

For disaster

Mechanism of disasters, way of refuge, use of hazard map.

About past disaster

Let's learn about various disasters that occurred in Hiroshima in the past.

Evacuation site, evacuation site

We recommend that you recognize the place of refuge in case of emergency. By sharing the place and the route of refuge with families, we will manage to get together even if we are separated.

Hazard map

We have made a hazard map with the evacuation site and evacuation route information based on "map of the supposed inundation area", "map of the landslide disaster area" and "map of supposed tsunami arrival area" of Hiroshima Prefecture.

Report, brochure

You can see the pamphlet of Hiroshima Prefecture, reports of projects, etc. in PDF form.

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